Coverall MULTI® Splash

Cat. III, typ 5 i 6


Thanks to a completely new technology of (artificial) staple fibers, terms such as protection and comfortable clothing have been redefined. This coverall has been designed in such a way as to meet the high quality requirements that are imposed on such clothing during painting work. The suit is completely free of paint damaging substances.

Breathable and antistatic multilayer non-woven fabric obtained by the "under the filament" method (EN1149-5), rejection values ​​of substances containing alcohol and oils (type 6), as well as the finest dust and particles (type 5). For many years, the proven design (three-piece hood - moves according to the anatomy of the head and a sewn-in gusset in the crotch - less tension on the seams when kneeling and bending down, which reduces the risk of tearing) was adopted for the MULTI® Splash suit.

Additional comfort: two-way zipper and textile trim strips in the sleeves together with elastic bands (legs, waist, hood) ensure the best freedom of movement with an optimally fitted form to the body!



Treatment of the external surface (varnishes, paints, coatings), utilization of old environmental loads (e.g. asbestos), decontamination works and waste disposal. Contact with hazardous materials and substances without pressure in tanks and pipes, inspection works, surveys, construction works, investigative work in the police.



Multilayer polypropylene (SMMS)





Available sizes:



Basis weight:

60 g/m2



 Typ 5  EN ISO 13982
 Typ 6  EN 13034
 Antyistatic  EN 1149-5
 Against radioactive contamination  EN 1073-2


Penetration data EN 368

 Chemical  Physical state  CAS  Repellency index
 Sulphuric acid (30 %)  liquid  7664-93-9  81,6 %
 Sodium hydroxid (10 %)  liquid  1310-73-2  97,3 %
 o-xylene (undiluted)  liquid  95-47-6  5,4 %
 Butan-1-ol (undeiluted)  liquid  71-36-3  33,2 %


Material properties:

 Fabric physical properties

 Test method  Unit  Result

 EN Class

 Abrasion resistance  EN 530  cycles  > 10  1
 Punture resistance  EN 863  N  7  1
 Ignition resistance  EN 1146    No further flaming, no drop information   
 Tensile strength  EN ISO 13934-1  N  120 L / 57 Q  
 Trapsodial tear resistance  EN ISO 9073-4  N  66 L  / 34.3 Q  2
 Surface resistivity  EN 1149 - 5   Ohm  2,5 x 10^9  
 Seams strength  EN ISO 13935-2  N  > 125  4
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